For many, Labor Day marks the end of summer. It might be hard to think about summer ending when it feels like it just got here, but when it does come, you’ll be glad you got a head start on travel plans and planned your summer to go out with a bang!

Many travelers think of Labor Day as their last family hurrah before getting back to school or work. If you’re thinking about where you and your family might be interested in traveling for your end-of-summer trip, take a look at our top vacation spots for Labor Day weekend!


Grand Teton National Park | Wyoming

The Teton Range is popular among artists and photographers because of its breathtaking views. Just down the road from Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park is dense with mountains, shimmering lakes, and trails that lead to scenic outlooks. It’s the perfect place for your family to compete in a variety of outdoor activities, including bicycling, hiking, horseback riding, or swimming.

Labor Day temperature high: 66°


Santa Cruz, Redwood Forest | California

This historic coastal city has tons to do for the family. In addition to the numerous beach activities – surfing, sailing, or swimming – the city offers a delightful resort village with fine dining and shorefront shopping. The famous California redwoods are close by, and your family will be amazed to visit the Mystery Spot, where you can be guided on a hiking tour through a gravitational anomaly.

Labor Day temperature high: 76°


Alamogordo, White Sands | New Mexico

For families that like a little bit more education in their travels, discover Alamogordo, where the first atomic weapon was detonated in 1945. The White Sands National Monument offers a close-up look of the white dunes found in this part of New Mexico. In Alamogordo itself, your family can visit the New Mexico Museum of Space History, including a model space station. Oliver Lee Memorial State Park is the perfect place for camping and hiking white you’re here.

Labor Day temperature high: 89°


Moab, Canyonlands | Utah

Your family can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Canyonlands National Park by car or foot as you make your way through Moab, Utah. The five different sections of the park, Island in the Sky, Needles, Maze, Rivers, and Horseshoe Canyon, allow any type of travelers to explore the deep canyons – from advanced adventurers to road trip drive-bys. They also ensure a vast number of activities from canoeing in the River District to discovering prehistoric pictographs in the Horseshoe Canyon Unit.

Labor Day temperature high: 82°


Portland, Peaks Island | Maine

Known as the Coney Island of Maine, Peaks Island is home to hotels, theatres, and amusement parks that will entertain your family for days. In Portland, you can visit the historic Old Port, a five-block district of cobblestoned streets lined with bookstores, antique shops, and cafes and restaurants. There are a number of beaches where you can experience true Portland recreation: boating and swimming.

Labor Day temperature high: 70°


Martha’s Vineyard | Massachusetts

An island just south of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard has scenic view that make it the ideal destination for nature lovers. All over the island, acres of land have been set aside for conservation and wildlife refuges open to the public. During Labor Day, Martha’s Vineyard puts on a large art show where you can find unique furniture, jewelry, and fine art from the island’s top artists.

Labor Day temperature high: 72°


Lake Tahoe | California

Lake Tahoe is the highest alpine lake in the United States, making it a year-round spectacular of beautiful mountain and lake scenery. Warm weather at this time makes it the perfect spot for camping, hiking, visiting historical sites, and more. Your family may even be lucky enough to find a prehistoric creature like Nessie hiding beneath the waters! The last sighting was in 1972.

Labor Day temperature high: 74°



If you’re interested in making any of these Labor Day vacation dreams a reality, contact us! We’d love to help you and your family plan their next adventure!