Last March, my husband, Paul, and I visited the Pulitzer Amsterdam, and all I can say is that I never wanted to leave!

Hidden along the city’s famous canal belt, the Pulitzer is 25 connecting canal-front houses with breath-taking inner gardens and authentic Dutch restaurants. The hotel is a blend of upmarket traditional and modern craftsmanship that makes it the perfect place to begin your journey through the charm and quirkiness that Amsterdam is known for.

We stayed in one of the two attic rooms at the Pulitzer, and the character of whimsical Amsterdam carried into the design of our room with so many beautiful accents and personal touches that made our experience perfect!

The Pulitzer even included a bit of fun information on each of the 25 houses that made up the hotel. Ours was the Saxenburg House (pictured above).

Though the city was originally designed for pedestrians, horses, and boats; bikes are everywhere in Amsterdam! Biking has become a way of life in Holland and there are 500 kilometers of bike paths in the city. Our hotel even included a bike repair kit for us, though we didn’t use it. The bikers are pretty intense in Amsterdam, and it is not the leisurely activity we know it as here in America.

The surrounding location was amazing. The Pulitzer is right in the heart of the historic center of Amsterdam, just a few blocks away from the Anne Frank House. In fact, from the inner garden of the hotel, we could hear the church bells from the same church that Anne Frank’s family listened to while in hiding. If you want to see a video we captured of the bells, click here.

As you may have guessed, the food in Amsterdam was delicious and exquisite. Besides the great restaurants in the city, the Pulitzer has three dining venues of its own.

We very much enjoyed our trip their last year and hope to be going back very soon! If you’d like more information on this hotel, view an overview here.