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Personally Inspired in Peru – Find out why travel expert Ignacio Maza, who has seen more than 100 countries across seven continents, was blown away by Peru.

The first glimpse of Machu Picchu is almost overwhelming in its beauty, and the longer you experience it the more intricate details seem to emerge. Just like the ancient citadel, Peru also reveals its complexities the more you explore. Click through the gallery below to follow along as industry insider and hotel expert Ignacio Maza shares his discoveries in this storied nation.


Adventures Unleashed in French Polynesia – Paul Gauguin Cruises is your catalyst to truly experiencing paradise.

From the comfort of your private balcony, your breath will catch as the jagged green peak of Bora Bora’s Mount Otemanu seems to rise from the South Pacific Ocean. This is only one unforgettable moment on the m/s Paul Gauguin, the longest continually sailing cruise ship to travel these waters. Each day, visit smaller ports unreachable by larger vessels and uncover the spirit of French Polynesia from the land to the sea.


Ultimate Thailand – From essential sights to unexpected insider moments, Thailand always delights and inspires.

As the magic of Thailand unfolds before you, a tingling sense of anticipation accompanies every new experience. It’s the sense of awe when you spy the golden reclining Buddha for the first time; the creative spirit ignited as you learn the art of forming tod man pla (Thai fish cakes); and the act of surrendering to relaxation on the powdery white sands of an uninhabited island. Let us show you the dazzling diversity of Thailand from the city to the northern mountains and coming to a final crescendo in the island-dotted waters of the south.


Get Back to Nature – In Switzerland, all roads lead to epic adventures.

A breeze rushes past as you coast along a smooth path, jagged mountain peaks on majestic display in every direction you look. In Switzerland, cycling, hiking and riding the rails through the countryside are more than favorite pastimes; they’re a way of life. Discover all the ways to get back to nature in Switzerland.


Mouthwatering Montreal – Dine your way through the city with our guide to all the locals’ favorites, taste-tested and approved by our insider Melissa Locker.

Treasured for its classic comfort food, Montréal has also drawn the attention of modern trendsetters and fine-dining chefs who are making their mark on the local culinary scene. Click through the gallery below as insider Melissa Locker showcases some of the city’s most memorable meals, and kick-start your appetite for the diverse and delicious cuisine of Montréal.


The Now List – Our must-see and must-do experiences around the world.

The most important question for travelers is not “where should I go?” but “where should I go NOW?” Read on to discover a few places where your travel dollars can help make a difference before it’s too late.


Ulusaba Cliff Lodge, Sabi Sand Reserve, South AfricaUlusaba Cliff Lodge, Sabi Sand Reserve, South Africa

Great Hotels of the World – Experience adventures on your own terms in our collection of hotels and resorts around the world.

Classic images of adventure travel may span the spectrum from surfing epic waves to traipsing through dense jungles. But when we’re entrusted with arranging your vacation, the concept of adventure is defined by you. Whether you’re roaming the savannas of South Africa or craving an oenophile extravaganza in Santa Barbara, we’ll pair you with the perfect accommodations to satisfy your wanderlust. Your discerning taste is at the heart of our handpicked collection of over 1,000 premium hotels and resorts around the world. You’ll receive special benefits like breakfast for two daily, a perk such as $100 dining or spa credit and complimentary Wi-Fi alongside early check-in and late check-out whenever possible.

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