If you’re looking for a cruise that combines fine dining and Broadway-caliber entertainment with cultural and historical enrichment, then you’re in luck! The American Queen Steamboat Company boasts three modern steamboats that are every bit as authentic as those from the 1900s.

Whereas most river cruises don’t tend to be very long, the American Queen Steamboat Company is changing that and has just introduced four brand-new Mighty Mississippi itineraries for 2018. These cruises range from 16 up to even 23 days in length and take the riders on a voyage from New Orleans to Minneapolis.

The trips offer a unique opportunity to sail the entire length of the Mississippi River, and explore the historical site as well as some more modern sites along the way. It is as much a journey back in time as it is a chance to embark on a modern-day exploration.

Sailing on the American Queen, or her sisters the American Duchess and the American Express, allow you to experience one of America’s most famous waterways in a way that isn’t possible on a shorter voyage.

The ships include dining inspired by the Mississippi’s southern heritage as well as the varied cultural influences in America. The culinary team aboard is award winning and offers a menu that reflects each stop along the way.

The trip is also filled with onboard entertainment that delve into the dramatic history and musical influences of the regions in which we travel, including big band shows, musical medleys, and Broadway-style performances.

The main attraction of the American Queen Steamboat Company, though, is what lies off the ship on the shore excursions. With each stop on your 16-23 night journey, you will discover the many historic and cultural attractions.

Few people today can claim they have sailed the mighty Mississippi, American Queen Steamboat Company is aiming to change that. Board the Mighty Mississippi tour this year, and you can claim that you’ve sailed the length of the Mississippi River.

To view more itineraries and rates for the river cruises, view this PDF.