If you’re like us, the Stay Home Order may have you dreaming of the exciting world outside of the walls of your home. While your spring break trip may have been postponed, there are still plenty of ways for you to explore the world while in quarantine. Check out some of the resources linked below to keep your inspiration and travel dreams alive during these uncertain times. 

We can’t wait to get back out there and keep adventuring, but until then, share what you’re doing to keep your adventurous spirit alive with us on Facebook (Adventures by Lori – Lori Spoelstra) and Instagram (@lorispoelstra)!

1. Let’s go to the beach (cam)

LiveBeaches.com has some of the best beach cams from all over the US! Lay out a towel, don your sunglasses, and hit play on your favorite beach cam. Just listening to the sounds of the seagulls and waves will transport you!

2. Observe wild animals in their natural habitats

Whether you’re a snorkeler or are dreaming of an African safari or an Alaskan cruise, you can get your fill of all kinds of beasts with live zoo or aquarium cams. Here are a few of our favorites:

Monterey Bay Aquarium
San Diego Zoo
Smithsonian National Zoo
Decorah Eagle Live Cam

3. Enjoy the music of a foreign destination

One of the best ways to experience the cultural mood of another country in your own home is to turn on the music of that country! Put on some of these great tunes and dream about your next travel adventure!

4. Eat a meal inspired by another country

Ask any world traveler, and they’ll tell you food is just as important part of getting to know a foreign destination as any tourist attraction. Take a look at these recipes for some delicious foods and drinks and learn their stories. Let your taste buds take you on your own adventure!

5. Watch a foreign film

Another great way to immerse yourself in a country is to see a foreign film! You can really get a sense of the people, the language, and even the music! Take a break and go on a cinematic adventure!

6. Visit Walt Disney World® (virtually!)

If you had to cancel your upcoming Disney trip (or are just counting down the days until you can get there!), you can get your fill by going on one of their rides virtually or watching the firework show! Nothing beats the live thing, but sharing these videos with your family, will definitely bring a little magic into your home!

7. Explore the world of Harry Potter

If your Universal trip got postponed, you can get your Harry Potter fix by exploring the world online! From getting sorted into your Hogwarts House to learning how to draw some of the fantastical creatures from the books and movies, this site is full of fun ways to stay immersed in the world!

8. Go on a hike in a national park

With Google Earth, the world is just fingertips away! You can take a virtual hike of some of the world’s most beautiful natural parks from the comfort of your own couch. 

9. Visit a museum

Now’s a great time to continue learning, and one of the best places to do that, is at a museum! Luckily, a number of museums are offering virtual tours to allow guests to view their exhibits online during the quarantine!