It’s easy to forget, until you’re actually traveling, the fear of having your luggage stolen or tampered with during travel. We’ve put together some tips for traveling to make sure that your luggage stays safe during your trip.

1. Know where everything is

This one might seem obvious, but pack your own bags! Don’t let a friend put something in your bag and make sure you know exactly where you put all of those important belongings like your passport or boarding tickets. Keeping them all together keeps you from having to search through all of your belongings to find out if your wallet or driver’s license is missing.

2. Think about what you really need

Make sure you’re not bringing anything that you don’t really need to bring. Sit down and make a list of the essentials and then decide how many bags you can fit it into. It makes it much easier to travel if you only have one bag instead of two.

3. Get travel insurance

It’s time to face the fact that you might actually lose a bag. Looking into travel insurance can assure you that lost luggage, while inconvenient, will not be the end of the world. Make sure you read the policy you choose completely to ensure that what your traveling with will be covered.

4. The three essentials you should take on the plane

Your ID, a credit card, and any prescription medication, should be taken with you on the plane. If by chance, you lose everything else, these are the three things that cannot be replaced very easily and will get you out of a jam when you land.

5. Wear anything you really care about

This one goes along with number four: if it’s important, keep it with you. Whether it’s your favorite shirt or your spending money for the trip, keep it close to you, so you know where it is at all times.

Create a “day pack” to carry with you; something that is always on your person with the essentials for that day.

6. Never leave your bag unattended

You’ve heard it before. When you’re in a busy place and have to leave or use the restroom, always take your bag with you. In a restaurant or cafe, put the strap of the bag around the chair leg so no one can walk off with it when you’re not looking. If you must to leave it, make sure you have a trusted friend watching it.

7. You can’t protect everything

Don’t try to secure or protect everything. A day pack or carry on can only fit so much, so don’t try to protect your socks or toothbrush. Those items are easily replaceable. Focus more on securing the items that will be hard to replace, then think about the rest after.